Get fit whilst having a giggle
Get fit whilst having a giggle Pole dancing hen parties are a brilliant way to get the big weekend started, as letting loose on the pole with the expert guidance of your dance tutor is not only fantastic fun and a great giggle with the girls - but also gets your dancing shoes dusted off and ready for the evening's escapades! Not just great exercise and one of the most intense core workouts, the brilliantly enjoyable type of dance is now considered one of the ultimate forms of self-expression - as contortionists and gymnasts have made best use of the pole to create some truly incredible routines and feats of strength.
The ultimate form of self-expression
The ultimate form of self-expression The sexy sport has also been more widely accepted as an art form over the last decade, incorporating more skill and technique than ever before, adding a great deal extra to the age old activity that became so famous and popular across the world as the main stay of erotic shows. But it's not just erections in strip clubs that made pole dancing what it is today, as legend has it - circus acts waiting around before and after performances would warm up and practice by using the poles normally used to erect the show tent or marquee. Although, similar forms of expression have independently developed on the other side of the world - with athletic men performing some less elegant but incredibly daring routines in India and China amongst other countries. Wherever it originated, Pole Dancing remains a terrific sport that can be enjoyed by both sexes - and guarantees a fantastic start to an unforgettable hen party!
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Pole Dancing Hen Party

Learn the art of pole dancing for a top hen party! From great exercise to sexy seduction skills, pole dancing is leg-swingingly good fun!


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